Andrew Jackson’s Legacy


“The Democratic party was Jackson’s Child; the national two – party system was his legacy.”  From


        Andrew Jackson will remain unforgotten in the political and presidential world as both a hero and a villain. His significant acts of generosity and kindness as well as cruel and selfish acts of horror have become legendary, sparking the recognition of both critics and followers alike. He has undoubtedly had the greatest influence on America’s presidential policies and governmental activities. This law obeying, law abiding president has come to be known for his national legacy. Jackson was looked down upon through the eyes of skeptical critics. Not only did he establish the first pocket veto to be recorded in the history of America, but he also mutilated a sovereign nation when he passed the Indian Removal Act in 1830. Jackson removed all of the Native American inhabitants of land east of the Mississippi River by force, commanding the tribes settle within a confined area of land west of the Mississippi and were not to come back to their homeland. He proceeded to take advantage of his tremendous power by further expanding his presidential authority and dominating the Cabinet, firing any member who would not agree with him. People opposed to Jackson saw him as self-centered and vain. Despite his many opponents, Jackson was bestowed upon by countless for his bravery and strength. He created the most prosperous political party and gained the respect and admiration of his people. Thus, he was deemed as the “symbol of American accomplishment”. His power and authority served as an example for all presidents who followed in his footsteps. Jackson continued to captivate and awe his coalition of supporters by paying every cent of the national debt, and gave the common man more vocal opportunity in politics. Overall, Andrew Jackson had a remarkable impact on America. Politically and presidential-wise, Jackson’s presidency and legacy will never be overlooked.




“His official messages, though delivered to Congress, spoke in plain and powerful language to the people at large.”From

By Cindy Yu